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Which is more important: Getting your backlinks crawled or indexed?
Which is more important: Getting your backlinks crawled or indexed?
The debate between getting links crawled vs. indexed rages on in SEO circles. Here is our opinion on the subject:

Getting your links crawled is obviously the first step in getting credit for them. If a search engine never sees (i.e., crawls) the page that links to your site then how can they give you credit for it? That much is agreed upon between debaters.

Now for the big question: Is it enough to just get your links crawled, or is indexing what is most important? The only ones who know that answer for sure are the search engines themselves, but we can make some educated guesses.

What does it mean when the search engines crawl a page that links to your site? It simply means the search engines found the page and reviewed it. That's all.

As a result, getting a link crawled doesn't necessarily mean the search engines will give you credit for it. It the search engine doesn't feel the page has value then they won't index it and your site probably won't benefit from the link on that page.

However, if the search engines do feel the page has value then they will index it and chances are high that you will get credit for the link. Based on this knowledge, our opinion is getting your links crawled is the first step in the process, but getting them indexed is the ultimate goal.

Since the ultimate goal (in our opinion) is to get your links indexed, that’s what Backlink Booster focuses on instead of just getting your links crawled.

To that end, Backlink Booster performs our 4 P's of boosting (Ping, Post, Place, Publish) for each of your backlinks it boosts. These actions not only quickly draw search engines' attention to your backlinks, they also add a lot more "value" to the page that links to your site. The result is this helps that page get crawled AND indexed so you get credit for the link on the page.

And our upcoming IndexChecker tool will let you know which links are actually indexed and our Auto ReBooster will automatically re-boost your links until they get indexed.

But back to the question at hand: is it enough to just try to get your backlinks crawled, or is indexing the ultimate goal? I’d love to hear your comments.

Best Regards,

Awesome program Turtlepurple09
Going through this blog, its my sincere feeling that you have the precise knowledge of what are you talking about. I seriously wish to congratulate you for your passion towards your work that has helped you stand today at this stage. Genuinely, there has not been even once that I have visited your blog and went without getting some good knowledge. Keep it up!
Good information, very useful post. Thanks for sharing this. I definitely learned something valuable.
Crawling is just not enough. The SEs have become so advanced they can practically crawl all pages on any half-decent website. The need is to get the pages indexed, only then will they ever see some traffic. BTW, the IndexChecker tool sounds fantastic. When is it expected to be out?
building quality backlinks is important to get better seo. backlink booseter sounds like a good idea.higher serp position means more traffic and sales !!
You need both crawled, indexed and best human eyeballs on your quality content. Not easy!
great product. Very helpfull and effectif.
Backlink Booster is one of the better SEO tricks on the market. It's really working :)
Personally, I think getting your backlinks indexed is the key and Backlink Booster definitely does a good job of that! Thanks for providing this awesome service.
thank you for this post
I have got to agree with all the comments here - it's an awesome product!
this is really great stuff! It really boosted my websites Pagerank eBook store
Thanks for the great material.:)
Very efficiently written information. It is going to be beneficial to anyone who usess it, together with myself. Sustain the great work – for positive i'll check out extra posts.
When you say "...crawled AND indexed...", I gotta say I love it! You're absolutely right - BOTH. Plus automatically re-boosting the links until they are indexed is an outstanding service - you can't argue with that. This is an easy sell for affiliates!
This blog is nice and amazing. I love your post! It's also nice to see someone who does a lot of research and has a great knack for writing, which is pretty rare from bloggers these days. Thanks! home personal training
Doing high Pagerank blog commenting is an awesome way to increase the value and ranking of your website, but it's a pretty boring task. I build a lot of niche websites, on average 2 websites every day and if I didn't have a system to automate my promotion of these I would never make it. I mainly employ software because it's easier to deal with than people I think.
Hey Tom, Thanks for the explanation. I am really excited for the tool where I will be able to see which pages got indexed already and which ones are not indexed yet. That will be a big time saver.
Good information thank you closely monitor your success.
Hey, is the indexer tool out yet? That's a must have in a proper SEO plan.
I wish I had read this blog post before I spent my money with Linklicious. I just tested my links and less than 10% of them got indexed. I hope I have a better success rate with your service.
Excellent Post. Very valuable blog on backlink building
I believe indexing to be the ultimate. That gives my page more value and better search engine ranking. Thanks for the info and like to know if the indexer tool is out.
Great stuff from youR www.backlinkbooster.com , man. Ive read your stuff before and youre just too awesome. I love what youve got here, love what youre saying and the way you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart. I cant wait to read more from you. This is really a great blog.
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